Psychiatric Care Services

Psychiatric Care Services are a specialty of home care services in which psychiatric nurses, social workers, home care aides, and occupational therapists visit the patient with a psychiatric diagnosis in the patient’s own home.

Mental illness is the disorder of the mind that affects and influences ones way of thinking, feeling, behavior and relationship with others and their environment.

It is signified with maladaptive response to stress leading to behavioural patterns that are inappropriate to social and cultural norms.

Mental illness in the country is on the alarming rate and requires urgent attention. According to the report from the national referral hospital (Butabika hospital) records a threatening percentage of mental illness

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Statistics show that close to 20% (8.18 million) out of the 40.9 million people in Uganda have some Psychiatry Care Servicesdegree of mental illness, ranging from anxiety and depression to severe madness.

Besides, there are 5% of Ugandan children suffering from epilepsy who also need the work of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses.

However, according to Butabika mental hospital, the number of mental cases seems to be increasing due to alcohol, drug abuse and HIV/AIDS.

As a result, it is estimated that over 65% of the mentally ill persons do not receive treatment.

With this situation, we at Teheca so it fit to extend our care services to provide qualified psychiatric care assistants that will provide our care services to your loved ones in the comfort of your home or if admitted, in the health facilities.

Our Psychiatric Care Services Include:

  • Social Skills training
  • Bedside nursing care
  • Guidance & Counseling
  • Company and Companionship
  • Demential and Delirium old age management
  • Occupational Therapy of all mental problems
  • Managing Drug Abuse
  • Management of general psychiatric conditions(eating & sleeping disorders, epilepsy, geriatric & childhood mental care, Amnesia)
  • Anxiety Management
  • Hysteria Management
  • Rehabilitation
  • Stress Management
  • Managing Post traumatic Stress disorders(War Victims, Natural Disasters, Rape, accidents).

Are you or  your loved one battling Mental Illness, are you afraid of the stigma that come with being in the mental hospitals, Teheca care services are here to help receive the right care from the comfort of your home all under the supervision of your Doctor, or Psychiatry Officer.

We have a team of qualified personals that will ensure you or your loved ones get the best care in an Stigma free environment, ensure confidentiality and respect your privacy. With our Care services you can receive the care you deserve, offered day or night 7 days a week, you don’t have to worry about the task of caring for your sick loved ones, we got you covered.


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