Teheca exist to provide an alternative source of timely health care workforce to the Ugandan Community by providing easy access to compassionate, qualified and caring care assistants.

To a family with sick, or new mother, Teheca is the that one care service provider that provides qualified, compassionate & caring care assistants who will help you or your loved ones with daily living activities, ensure doctors orders are effected & offer companionship unlike the typical house help.

Our services must not only help new mothers in their noble quest to bring up healthier babies but also patients recovering from ailments.

We commit to continually provide the best source of timely & qualified health care workforce to the Ugandan community to foster a healthier, physically & emotionally stronger community.


Current Openings.

  1. Nurses and Midwives
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if the above do not suit you, send us a cv and tell us what make you tick